Our advantages
  • Experience and professionalism
    Acqua-blue comercio ltda has many years of experience in catering for events at RIBEIRAO PRETO. During this time, the company has developed the skills and knowledge to meet the highest demands of customers.
  • Quality of Products and Services
    ACQUA-BLUE COMERCIO LTDA prides itself on its high quality products and services. They use only fresh and high-quality ingredients to prepare their dishes, and also ensure their aesthetic presentation.
  • Flexibility and individual approach
    The company is ready to offer individual solutions for each client, taking into account their needs, preferences and budget. This allows customers to get exactly what they need for their events at RIBEIRAO PRETO.
  • Variety of menus
    ACQUA-BLUE COMERCIO LTDA offers a wide range of menus for different types of events. They have a variety of food options, ranging from appetizers and hot dishes to desserts, allowing customers to choose the most suitable options for their event.
  • Excellent service
    ACQUA-BLUE COMERCIO LTDA attaches great importance to the quality of service. Their team of professionals is always ready to be attentive and responsive to the needs of the clients, ensuring that the event runs smoothly and hassle-free.
  • Competitive prices
    The company offers competitive prices for its catering services at RIBEIRAO PRETO. This allows customers to receive high-quality food and service at a reasonable price, without overpayments.

About us

ACQUA-BLUE COMERCIO LTDA: The ideal partner for catering events in the city of RIBEIRAO PRETO

ACQUA-BLUE COMERCIO LTDA specializes in providing high quality catering services for events in the beautiful city of RIBEIRAO PRETO. We are proud that our company offers not only delicious food, but also impeccable service for the most demanding customers.

Our team of professionals consists of experienced chefs, sommeliers and waiters, each of whom brings a special taste and style to each of our events. We understand that each client has unique needs and preferences, which is why we strive to create personalized solutions and offer a unique experience for each occasion.
"Culinary art with ease. Acqua-Blue Comercio is your trusted catering partner in Ribeirao Preto."
  • Question:
    What kind of food and drink do you offer at your events?
    We offer a wide choice of menus, including a variety of dishes and drinks, from classic recipes to exquisite culinary compositions.
  • Question:
    Can you accommodate guests' dietary restrictions or preferences?
    Yes, we are ready to adapt our menu according to the dietary restrictions and preferences of the guests. We also offer vegetarian and vegan options.
  • Question:
    Is it possible to order a tasting before the event?
    Yes, we offer a tasting of our menu before making an order. This will help you select and customize the perfect menu for your event.
Phone: +5561999942988
E-mail: info@acquabluecomercio.com